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Filters, Fluids, Belts and Hoses Replaced

Oil Change, Lube, and Tune-Up



Joey Turner

Joey Turner


About My Shop

At The age of three years old I was tugging at my dads pants leg around the shop in a little ole town called Beaumont,Texas, this was in 1966.  From then on that was my passion going to the shop with Dad!!!!

At the age of 12 I was doing light engine repair on vehicles (A/C Repair, Tune Ups, Water Pumps, Power Steering Pumps) anything to do with the outside of the motor. This continued as I progressed more into the heavy side of engine repair.


At the age of 15 I was greeting customers, writing invoices, ordering parts, assisting my dads manager & helping the employees in the shop with diagnosing problems and such at the time!! By that time the business had grown to be very busy!!! At the age of 18 Dad introduced me into the transmission rebuilding part of the industry, at that time my passion grew even more. Before I knew it I could succesfully build anything on the road.

I opened my first business at the age of 22 years old. Of course it was a Transmission / Full Service Auto Repair Shop.  Well Mom & Dad Divorced in 1985. Therefore Dad Gave Mom The Family owned business in the divorce. After that Dad Moved to Florida!!!!  I ended up Buying The Family owned Business from Mom Six months later!! Many stories later in 1993 I ended up moving to Florida. My Dad and I were Very Close!!!    We had always been up until the day he died in 2011.  Actually I owe it all to my Dad for giving me the opportunity to learn what it is to be able to work, provide & have everything I could possibly need to have a good life by providing a honest service to the public doing what I like best.

“I am Joey Turner, owner of The Transmission Shop. When you call the shop, I will answer the phone, ready to give you an update on the progress of your vehicle. We have been in the automotive repair business for over 40 years and over 10 years in this same location. If we can’t fix it, it ain’t broke.

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Joey Turner


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